1.150 kg of artichokes grilled in an hour and at once, on the very first giant 53 m2 grid in the history of the Guinness World Records.

An spectacular assembly, as a result of a staging and epic logistics, where a team of project experts has made it possible to meet the expectations.

With the involvement of more than 5.000 motivators, curious, sceptical and artichokes lovers.

Thanks to 50 volunteers from Pura Brasa, Josper and local association XIP, Xarxa d'Iniciatives Pinedenques who have believed in the challenge and have selflessly contributed to make it possible and enter into the history of records.

We have made this possible:

€2,000 in favour of the Banc dels Aliments Fundation.

It’s been a charitable achievement that encourages us to beat our own record next year.