The event will be in solidarity, since part of the benefits of the sale will be allocated to the Fundació Banc d’aliments (Bank of Foods Foundation).

What is the Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank)?

The Barcelona Food Bank is managed by an independent, apolitical, non-profit and charitable private charitable foundation, whose main objective is to recover food surpluses and distribute them among local entities so that they can reach people you need

What does the Banc dels aliments (Food Bank) do?

  • The fight against wasting and the closest famine: Foods come basically from overproduction.
  • The priority of gratuity: Foods are received and distributed free of charge.
  • The security of a fair distribution: The distribution of food is done through approved charities, which, due to their direct relationship with the needy people, can ensure that food reaches their final destination.
  • Coordination and management through the participation of volunteers. We currently have the valuable collaboration of more than 219 volunteers.